Climate Action

Feeling guilty about your carbon footprint? Don’t!

Feeling guilty about eating meat and taking flights? What if I told you this guilt was manufactured and sold to us as part of a propaganda campaign by oil companies ? Oil companies? Yep! They’re the ones who’ve been burning up the planet and pumping insane amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for decades. […]


Soy – Is it Ethical?

Soy fibre looks and feels amazing. It can be blended with a host of materials, to serve the luxury, casual as well as athleisure industry. Its soft, moisture wicking, durable, works well with natural dyes and is a great alternative to wool, silk and cashmere. is it ethical or not?  There’s good news and bad news: […]

Slow Fashion

Jargon !! Let’s break it down

Ethical, Vegan, Slow, Organic, Fair-trade, Recyled, Repurposed – these terms are thrown around a LOT in the Ethical Fashion space. Lets break down the jargon. Organic – The crop the garment is made from, is grown without the use of genetically modified seeds, artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides. In garments, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile […]