Luxury Carpets, Privilege, and Inequality.

I've had a fair amount of experience with the Nepalese and Indian handmade rug industry. India being the large handmade rug producer in the world. You can find these gorgeous designer carpets everywhere - from villas in Paris to chic apartments in New York. In Nepal, Handmade carpets are a source of livelihood to thousands … Continue reading Luxury Carpets, Privilege, and Inequality.

Strive Not for Perfection!

I still use Menstural pads (cups just aren’t doing it for me). I still buy new clothing if I really really like something. I don’t compost. I use a petrol driven car some days (and some days my electric scooter). I consume dairy. Milk Tea/Chai/Chiya is such an important part of my culture. Very hard … Continue reading Strive Not for Perfection!

Soil and Climate change – by a non-scientist

I’m no expert, but some things are basic SCIENCE.Since the advent of agriculture we have been tilling soil to grow crops. When we keep tilling soil, it keeps losing its moisture, and eventually turns to dust . When this happens, all the CO2 that’s been trapped in the soil for thousands (millions?) of years, gets … Continue reading Soil and Climate change – by a non-scientist

What’s up with the Gucci belt?

The Gucci belt - Everyone from the Kardashians to Kavita down the street seems to love them. It was THE fashion accessory of 2019/20. This is a a sustainability blog, however this story is less about, 'How sustainable is the Gucci belt', but more about, 'Is it worth the money' and 'Is the Gucci belt … Continue reading What’s up with the Gucci belt?

How sustainable is your Sari?

I love Saris.  But until recently, I had no idea what most saris are made of and how sustainable they are. What do words like Chiffon, Organza, Georgette mean anyway? And that’s why i did some digging. Here are the most commonly used materials in Saris, Lehengas, and Salwar Kameez, and what their environmental, labor, … Continue reading How sustainable is your Sari?

Fash Rev 2020

Its Fashion Revolution week,  the year 2020. The world is in a lockdown due to a strange new virus that threatens our very existence. However, we cannot forget the importance of this week that marks the anniversary of a very tragic event, that changed the fashion industry forever, for the better. This is a quick … Continue reading Fash Rev 2020

7 ways to thrift like a pro in Nepal

Until very recently only hipsters and 'environmental alarmists' were thought to shop at Op shops and flea markets. 'Thrifting' conjured up an image of a Basantapur night market type street bazaar with rejected old clothes. But things are changing. As more and more people realise that thrifting is the greenest (and cheapest) way to shop, … Continue reading 7 ways to thrift like a pro in Nepal

If you’re a Mama (or a Daddy), you’ll love this brand.

Shirley Bredal makes kids’ clothing, decor, toys, bedding, accessories from OEKO-TEX certified materials like Wool, Hemp-Cotton, Linen-Cotton. All their products are made by hand -- knitted, sewn and embroidered in Nepal. They also make some beautiful knits and accessories for the moms. This brand has really paid attention to detail in color, design and finish, … Continue reading If you’re a Mama (or a Daddy), you’ll love this brand.

We’ve got a small window of opportunity to do the right thing

I went to business school. We studied everything from Strategy to Economics, Accounting to Brand Management to Business Communication. We even learned Negotiation, and some of my classmates even studied a foreign language to set them up for success in the global workplace. But the environmental impact of business was almost completely ignored. As if … Continue reading We’ve got a small window of opportunity to do the right thing

What if I told you your sunglasses could change the world?

I’ve focused a lot on the ‘Eco’ side of sustainability on this platform. But this brand has such a great social model, that I would be remiss if I didn’t feature them.  Anthropose is a Nepal based eyewear company that makes sunnies and prescription glasses. I love their styles because they’re timeless. They're not made … Continue reading What if I told you your sunglasses could change the world?