Hi everyone, my name is Shally Sarawagi and I love fashion. Loved it since i was a little girl. Fashion for me has always been the ultimate medium of self expression all my life, from the rebellious poker-straight haired head-banger to the stiletto wearing girl-boss.

A few years ago though, along came a movie called ‘The True Cost’. Like many other fashionistas, it burst my little bubble that showed fashion in the sugarcoated rose-colored light. I couldn’t help but dig deeper until i found how ugly it all was. For years we’d been hurting the environment and people to… look good?

So if fashion was evil what was good in this world, i wondered.

Finally, along came a surge of start ups that produced ‘eco’ and ‘socially conscious’ fashion. This new world finally seemed to give a sense of purpose to the otherwise seemingly evil industry.

This is both an exciting and depressing time to be in the fashion industry. Depressing because now more than ever brands are being exposed of unethical practices, and exciting because there is a lot of innovation in the area of eco-friendly fibres, dyeing practices, recycled fashion and reducing fashion waste.

Anyhow, this letter to nobody-in-particular is my first step towards holding myself accountable for what i wear, what i buy, what i recycle, what i throw away. I will be trying out and exploring ethical fashion made in different parts of Asia, and talking about the fashion innovations happening around the world.

Seriously, my closet isn’t all Eco or Ethical either. i have a long ass way to go, so bear with me! But I am aiming to buy less, and buy ethical, while also spreading awareness and inspiring others to do the same.

Self-proclaimed Ecoholique


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