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Strive Not for Perfection!

I still use Menstural pads (cups just aren’t doing it for me). I still buy new clothing if I really really like something. I don’t compost. I use a petrol driven car some days (and some days my electric scooter). I consume dairy.

Milk Tea/Chai/Chiya is such an important part of my culture. Very hard to forego!

I mostly buy second hand clothing and products. I avoid leather and Polyurethane. I carry a reusable bag and my own water bottle. I educate myself and strive to spread awareness on climate and social issues. I don’t eat meat. 

I’m not perfect, nor am I striving to be. Nor should you. We all just need to do our best. IF EVERYONE JUST DID THEIR BEST, that would surely move the needle. Complacency is the problem. 

So if you’re feeling anxious about not being perfect and not doing enough, don’t! We’re human, and we’ve been in the convenience trap for too long to just free ourselves overnight. It’s a process. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK FOR THE LITTLE FEATS YOU ACHIEVE EVERYDAY! Power to you!

By shally_sg

Self proclaimed Ecoholique

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