Climate Action

Soil and Climate change – by a non-scientist

I’m no expert, but some things are basic SCIENCE.
Since the advent of agriculture we have been tilling soil to grow crops. When we keep tilling soil, it keeps losing its moisture, and eventually turns to dust . When this happens, all the CO2 that’s been trapped in the soil for thousands (millions?) of years, gets released into the atmosphere. 🌍

So we cut down more forests to plant more crops. So, less forests to absorb CO2.
Problem compounded. So basically, to fight climate change, and to prevent it from getting worse we NEED TO PROTECT OUR SOIL FROM TURNING INTO DUST aka Desertification.

Of course this is an oversimplification, and I highly urge everyone to watch the movie Kiss the Ground to learn about Soil. I promise its not dry ! It features @iansomerhalder and @jason_mraz so…! 💛 also has some great resources on soil, if this stuff floats your boat.


By shally_sg

Self proclaimed Ecoholique

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