Slow Fashion

Fash Rev 2020

Its Fashion Revolution week,  the year 2020. The world is in a lockdown due to a strange new virus that threatens our very existence.

However, we cannot forget the importance of this week that marks the anniversary of a very tragic event, that changed the fashion industry forever, for the better.

This is a quick post just to show you a rad outfit I put together with clothes I already own.  The point is to show that we can look amazing without having to buy brand new clothes and accessories, and without supporting the massive cycle of overconsumption. Here are the deets.


Shorts – Swapped For Rs.00 at Haushala CreativesGlobal Swap. This is a company that organises clothing swaps in Nepal every few months. You can take in your old pre loved clothes and exchange them for other people’s pre loved clothes. No money involved.

Shirt – Handed down by a friend.

Faux Leather Jacket – Thrifted for Rs.1200.

Socks – Not thrifted!

Shoes – All natural shoes by Paila Shoes. I consider Pailas to be the second most comfy shoes after sneakers (except for when its raining). They’re made from Himalayan Nettle and the sole is made from Upcycled rubber.


Post your own thrifted/swapped outfits all this week !


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