Slow Fashion

If you’re a Mama (or a Daddy), you’ll love this brand.

Shirley Bredal makes kids’ clothing, decor, toys, bedding, accessories from OEKO-TEX certified materials like Wool, Hemp-Cotton, Linen-Cotton. All their products are made by hand — knitted, sewn and embroidered in Nepal. They also make some beautiful knits and accessories for the moms.


This brand has really paid attention to detail in color, design and finish, and each piece is adorable.

They source cotton directly from a small cotton farm in India (No other brand i personally know does this!), and while they are not GOTS certified, they know exactly where their raw material is coming from.

In case you’re confused about the difference between OEKO-TEX and GOTS, read this! (I was too)


They use Chrome-free dyes in the traditional Nepalese ‘pot-dyeing’ method. “We have been experimenting with vegetable dye, but the colours are too inconsistant and they wash out little by little” – says Shirley. We know that the industry is crying out loud for sustainable dye innovations.

The kiddie wear industry is inundated with fast fashion labels that have no accountability of their supply chains, whether its farming practices or sub-contracted sewing facilities. Brands like these are a sight for sore eyes.

Visit them at

Oh and check out there Spring/Summer ’19 Collection here!


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