We’ve got a small window of opportunity to do the right thing

I went to business school. We studied everything from Strategy to Economics, Accounting to Brand Management to Business Communication. We even learned Negotiation, and some of my classmates even studied a foreign language to set them up for success in the global workplace. But the environmental impact of business was almost completely ignored. As if manufacturing, packaging, logistics, post-consumer waste -these issues were not ours to deal with. Don’t get me wrong, this is not just my school, its just how the business world works.

The environment has been destroyed by businesses with shitty values. Businesses want to do two things more than anything else – cut costs, and maximise profits. In order to cut costs it may take multiple steps, and compromising on environmental standards may be one of them. In order to maximise profits, it will have to sell more and more of its products (or service), so it will do everything in its power to get us to buy more, faster, cheaper, more often. Which means more resource consumption, and more waste.

But we can’t blame companies alone. We buy their products, don’t we?

So i urge you to look at your own lifestyle, the products you use, your purchasing decisions, the companies you support- how are your personal choices impacting the environment?

What about the company you work for? Have you looked into their environmental practices? If not, maybe you could be that change maker to propose the shift from plastic to a more sustainable material for packaging, or find ways to reduce your products’ carbon footprint ?

We’ve got a very small window of opportunity to do the right thing. We have to start putting the environment over economy.

Leave a comment and let me know how you’re doing your part !


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