What if I told you your sunglasses could change the world?

I’ve focused a lot on the ‘Eco’ side of sustainability on this platform. But this brand has such a great social model, that I would be remiss if I didn’t feature them. 


Anthropose is a Nepal based eyewear company that makes sunnies and prescription glasses. I love their styles because they’re timeless. They’re not made from bamboo or wood, but you can use them for a long long time.

The thing that sets the brand apart though, is their business model that aims to fight a crippling eye disease – Cataract. They found that 62.2% of blind people in Nepal, are blind because of Cataract. The irony is that a 15 minute surgery can help restore one’s vision within 24 hours. The problem is that a lot of people in rural Nepal do not have access to this kind of medical care. Anthropose partnered up with Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Kathmandu to provide funding and access to such patients.

how cool is this.png
How cool is this?

This is not all. Anthropose also funds remedial classes for Public School students in Maths and Nepali, for low performing pupils. Such classes have been known to prevent kids from dropping out of school.

“The company has helped restore the eyesight of 416 people so far, and have sponsored the education of 15 children.”

Kids receive remedial classes in Math and Nepali

I recently heard something shocking – 3/4th of the eyewear brands on the market are actually owned by a single big-ass company – Luxottica. (Ray Ban, Prada, D&G, you name it) 

They do seem to have a lot of sustainability programs too, which is great.


But if you ask me, i’d rather give my money to a small company thats trying to make a big change 🙂



2 thoughts on “What if I told you your sunglasses could change the world?

  1. Hey! Im from Nepal, and theyre creating quite a spur here, so thats how i know about them.. But i feel like they’re doing amazing work and deserve to be known internationally !


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