Slow Fashion = Self Torture?

Im a recovering shopaholic, so please bear with me. I’ve been sober for almost three years.

I was in Bangkok recently, ‘the shoppers paradise’. I didn’t go shopping at all, and I was pretty pleased with myself. Then on the day I was to head South of Thailand, I had a few hours to kill at the massive bus station. The station is like a mall in and of itself. I ate crepes and got my nails done, and then I thought i’d just walk around the shops. No harm right.

The next thing i knew I was trying on shoes, and had bought a gorgeous pair of studded kitten heels and a flowy green blouse for very cheap. This was fast fashion, at least some version of it, even if it didn’t come from a high-street brand. The shoes are Polyurethane (a plastic derivative), and the top looks like Rayon or something else. I cringe as I type this.

I mean, how does one say No to these?

So I’ve been feeling extremely guilty since. But then I realised that the journey to Slow Fashion doesn’t have to be one of self-torture. Its ok to slip sometimes, its ok to make mistakes.

I’m going to be wearing the shoes and the top for a long long time, whether they’re in fashion or not, because they’re killer purchases. One thing i can be proud of is that they weren’t purchased to make me feel better or anything. I bought them because i loved them. 

I started this blog and I advocate for ethical fashion and a sustainable lifestyle, but trust me I am far far away from perfect. I drive in a gas fuelled car, I still buy snacks wrapped in plastic-aluminium (a combo that cant be recycled), and I still sometimes buy fashion my conscience doesn’t approve of. 

So I guess Sustainability isn’t a destination. Its a journey – a long, frustrating, challenging, sometimes rewarding journey. I hope you’ll join me along the way.

6 thoughts on “Slow Fashion = Self Torture?

    1. Ahh thanks u for your kind words..
      Its great to have all this support, and to know that its ok to slip once in a while. But more important to keep on trying to get better. BTW we follow your work, and think
      ur doing an amazing job.

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