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2 Yoga brands that genuinely give a shit

Alright here they are –


According to this Indian Yoga Wear company, ” it’s a clarion call to millions of present-day yoga lovers who still wear polyester. Unaware of the innate contradiction, or the harm they invite.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 8.21.29 PM.png

Their Dhoti yoga pants for both men and women are made from 50% Organic Cotton and 50% Lenzing Modal (you know what a strong advocate I am for both). They also make pants and tees that are totally loung-able in

Proyog’s trademarked HYPERBREATH™ fabric is made from a blend of organic cotton and LYCRA® fiber. Now i know Lycra is an artificial fibre, but its a hundred times better than all-polyester Yoga pants. Besides, Lycra makes up only 8% of the composition of this fabric.



This Nepal based brand makes Yoga mats from Wild Hemp. They also make Organic Cotton and Wild Himalayan Nettle Yoga mat bags.



I absolutely love the look and feel of the mat. How it fares on the durability test remains to be seen.

Khali Khutta’s philosophy in their own words – ” We believe that there is a way to live without plastic, with no chemicals required in production of high quality products. We believe in handmade and we believe in traditional skills and materials.”


I couldn’t agree more. We’ve become so caught up in the plastic convenience trap, that we’ve forgotten about all nature’s abundant bounty of raw materials that can be used to make pretty much everything. We need more brands like these two not just in fashion and athletics but in every industry that is brimming with overuse of plastic. 

My hope is that as these brands continue to evolve and grow, they will stay true to the values they were founded on.



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