26 simple ways to unf**ck the planet

Meet Pooja Dhingra – a conceptualiser and a graphic designer based in Delhi, who got sick of complaining about the Waste Problem, and decided to do something about it.

Tell me more about this project

Pooja :

CUT THE CRAP – 26 WAYS TO UNF**K THE PLANET is a series conceived and illustrated by me triggered by the waste outside my housing colony and the waste pickers who lived in this trash. The series gives 26 simple methods to reduce, reuse and recycle waste using the 26 letters of the alphabet.













What inspired you to do this series?

Bothered by the waste generated by my colony, complete failure of the Indian Government’s Clean India Campaign and more importantly the plight of the waste pickers made me take up the task of creating awareness through this simple series. My waste management journey started two years back when I decided to first cut down my own waste. I was also trying to convince others around me to do the same but I realized that I was either too shy (with strangers) or too aggressive (with friends and family).That’s when design became my middle path- a tool which helped me give simple solutions to a massive problem.

How many of the 26 steps are you following yourself?

Currently, I am just doing 19 out of the 26 things proposed but I am trying to cut down more .. every single day! I carry my own water bottle and lunch box, bleed in cloth pads, compost, refuse things that come in disposables, grow few herbs and vegetables in my balcony, shop less and shop local, wear handmade clothes, don’t use ear buds, band aids, use a bamboo brush …so on and so forth!


Pooja Dhingra is a conceptualiser and a graphic designer who prefers to work from a moving train or a snow-capped peak than from an office cubicle. She started traveling alone several years ago and realised that ideas come easily to her mostly when she is hanging upside down from a tree in Kochi, chasing butterflies in the hills of Kumaon, stalking the headhunters of Nagaland, cycling in Corbett, dancing with Atsaras in Bhutan or sipping masala chai in the tea gardens of Munnar.

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