Min Waste

How to go package-free when you use a gazillion products

My bathroom scares me. I have more products than the local salon. And guess what they’re all packaged in – PLASTIC !

Going ‘Package Free’ and  ‘Zero Waste’ sounds like such a great simple idea. Guess what – its not simple!!! I need toothpaste and conditioner and makeup to look human !

Recently I started buying brands that will reward me for returning the package.

So i thought i’d share my research with you. I’ve tried to put together a list of brands available in the Indian Subcontinent.

Here we go:

Beauty Brands with a Recycle Program

  • Bare Necessities

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.50.07 PM.png

This Bangalore based Zero-Waste brand is whipping out a wide range of daily care products.

All their packaging is recyclable and they minimise plastic usage.

  • LUSH (used myself)


Lush is amazing on so many levels! The products smell divine and they minimise waste.

They will give you a free face mask for 5 empty jars.

Another reason to love lush are the package-free soap bars.


Kielhs 2.jpg

One Empty Container = One Stamp*

10 Stamps = 1 Travel-Sized Product


Make-up Brands with a Recycle Program

  • MAC (used myself)

back to MAC.jpg

MAC’s awesome ‘Back to Mac’ program allows you to exchange 6 empty MAC containers for a free lipstick.

  • Ingot (used myself)


Take your empty Ingot blush palette and they’ll refill it for you. You’ll also pay less then getting a new one.

None of these brands are exactly drug-store affordable. Being green comes with a big price tag. But the price the environment pays is much bigger. Damn that sounded cheesy.

If I’v missed any brands, pls write a comment here and ill add it (and give u credit).

I haven’t personally tried all the brands listed here. If you have, please leave a comment and let me know how it was.

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