The day i broke up with Zara

Its over ZARA

Dear ZARA,

This is one of the most heartbreaking split-ups a fashion girl can have to go through.

You made it possible for me to be a fashionista without burning a hole in my distressed jeans pocket.

I’ll always love you for this ZARA. Nothing puts a smile on a fashion girl’s face like the SALE sign on your glorious windows. Jumpsuits for $5, and sweaters for $20. How i loved you.

But you took it too far.

You and I both know that you’ve turned a blind eye to slave labor, inhuman working conditions, extremely low wages, dumping dye residue into rivers,  buying cotton from farms that depend on heavy use of chemical fertilisers, the list is long.

But who doesn’t make mistakes right. And you’ve taken steps to redeem yourself. You release sustainability reports, you support the Better Cotton Initiative, you’ve launched the Join Life label.

But something strange started happening to me lately. Your shiny designs weren’t making me happy anymore.

Even if you did take care of all the issues we talked about, can i still support what you stand for? Lets face the elephant in the room – Fast Fashion.

I mean 52 seasons a year? By turning over new designs every week, you’re pushing entire generations into the habit of over-consumption, and subsequently, a habit of creating TRASH, a lot of it. Let’s not even get into the over consumption of resources to produce so much clothing.

I quit H&M and Forever 21 a few years ago. But this is a break up iv been putting off for years. I knew things weren’t right but chose to ignore them and just acted like everything was OK.

So we should take a break, for year. Maybe you’ll change things, maybe ill change and stop caring about children sewing my clothes on 13 hours shifts. Maybe we’ll be together again.


2 thoughts on “The day i broke up with Zara

  1. I can relate to this as i have worn Zara and Forever 21 for years. Its very hard to resist buying from them, but its a choice between ethics and looking good…
    The world needs to wake up to the reality ….

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